4 Hour CCW

4 Hour CCW
Instructor: Tim Forshey
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Times: 12:00pm - 5:00pm
Location: Scottsdale Gun Club
Price: Non-Members:

Seats: 60

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A course designed to meet current Arizona requirements to allow students to obtain a Concealed Weapons Permit. Aimed at the student whose busy lifestyle and outside commitments make the 8 hour course difficult to schedule, as well as unnecessary due to the student’s experience level, its emphasis is less on firearms and firearm esoterica and more on the legal ramifications of the use of lethal force in Arizona and how the legal system effects those who elect to exercise their right to self-defense. The course includes extensive coverage of statutory and common law as well as mental conditioning, mindset, judgmental shooting and how to avoid, if at all possible, the use of lethal force. While it does not include any live fire or written examination, the course does meet minimum Arizona legal requirements and will provide an Arizona Concealed Weapon License. Taught by a seasoned firearm instructor who is a Master level competitive shooter and an active trial attorney/judge pro tem.


  • Overview of the real legal system
  • Explanation of the value of always having a concealed weapon
  • Review of pertinent Arizona/Federal laws
  • Thorough explanation of use of lethal force and its aftermath
  • How to deal with law enforcement personnel
  • How to maintain a situationally aware lifestyle
  • How to stay out of trouble in the first place



  • At least 18 years of age (Must be 20½ or older to receive CCW permit)
  • Note Pad & Pencil

**No Loaded Firearms Allowed in Classroom**

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