Personal Security

Personal Security
Times: 8:00AM to 1:00PM
Location: Scottsdale Gun Club
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Seats: 40

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In the moment of truth, the “lifeguards” of society simply won’t be there to protect us - whether from street crime or mass homicide. We are, in effect, on our own. Yet violence is never random. In fact, it’s a process as observable and predictable as boiling water – if you know what to look for…
This unique program focuses on the human element of personal security by teaching the skills and tradecraft once reserved exclusively for elite law enforcement, intelligence, and close protection professionals – societies lifeguards.

Simple, practical, and immediately empowering for anyone, of any background or ability level, this immersive program teaches how to recognize danger, manage confrontations, and neutralize an assailant, unarmed or utilizing improvised weapons.


  • How the brain and body function under extreme duress
    • What causes panic or paralysis and the 2 ways to prevent or manage it
    • The physiological impact of adrenalin on performance
  • Recognizing Danger
    • Understanding how bad guys select their targets
    • The difference between power and persuasion oriented predators, and how to spot the pre-incident indicators of each
    • What are bad guys’ strengths and weaknesses, and how you can avoid being targeted entirely
  • Interview Management
    • How to manage “interviews” and defuse potentially violent scenarios
    • How to recognize “persuasion” oriented predators, that use charm and subtlety to create opportunities to victimize
    • Verbal and Non-Verbal control tactics
  • Defensive Tactics
    • Soft touch dissuasion tactics
    • Nervous system disruptions and incapacitation techniques
    • Use of improvised weapons as force multipliers
  • Critical Incident Response – Active Shooters
    • Handgun & Long gun disarming for 1st and 3rd person defense
  • Warrior Mindset 


Sam Rosenberg has been protecting people and organizations and teaching them how to protect themselves, since 1996. Sam has protected and taught some of the world’s most high profile, at-risk, individuals including PM Benjamin Netanyahu, Warren Buffet, and Tom Cruise to name a few.

His Pittsburgh-based company, INPAX provides full-spectrum training in personal security, defensive weapons and critical incident response, as well as, protective intelligence, travel security, and close protection services. INPAX clients include individuals, corporations, schools and law enforcement agencies nationwide.
Sam is a former Marine officer and has written widely on the management of interpersonal aggression. He is the author of INPAX – The Way of the Warrior and The Travelers Guide to Personal Security, and is the inventor of the Response Pen.

He serves as a subject matter expert for several news agencies, and he is a member of InfraGard®, an FBI/Private Sector Alliance.



  • At least 16 years of age 


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