Defensive Handgun Series (Two-Day Course)

Defensive Handgun Series (Two-Day Course)
Instructor: Jon Antrim
  • 06/12
  • 09/11
  • 11/27
Times: 9:00am-5:00pm
Location: Scottsdale Gun Club
Price: Non-Members:

Seats: 16

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Cancellation Policy:

You may cancel for a full refund if you are canceling more than 72 hours in advance of the class, or you may reschedule for a $10 fee between 72 and 24 hours in advance of the class. Classes are non-refundable within 24 hours of the class.  The 72 hour window gives SGC the opportunity to contact customers that have been placed on a waitlist for the courses.



This class is designed for individuals who are contemplating the use of a firearm for
personal protection.

Day One – This is an Introduction to Defensive Handgun Skills. You must already
have a basic knowledge of firearms. The next step in your handgun skill set is
defensive training. With lecture and practical exercises you will learn to be in
control your surroundings. Some of the topics covered will include, Defensive
mindset, Defensive Tactics, and Practical marksmanship. You will also be given the
fundamental skills required to be able to draw from a holster and engage various
targets, reload as needed, and be able to tactically clear firearm malfunctions.
After successful completion of this course Club Members will be “Holster Qualified”
and able to draw from the holster on our range.

Day Two – Today, will take the competent shooter outside their comfort zone and
expand their situational awareness, improving their ability to achieve consistent
acceptable hits with their handgun.
You may or may not realize that most high stress physical encounters happen in low
light conditions. Therefore, next logical step in your Defensive Handgun skill set is
Low Light Training. With lecture and practical exercises, you will learn how to
manage low and no light situations. Some of the topics covered will include the
tactical use of white light, primary and support hand shooting, lasers, and
threat/non-threat scenarios.
Then we will move down range and perform close quarter exercises designed to
expand your tactical CQB skills with a handgun. This portion of the class covers the
basics of shooting from cover, shooting on the move, the proper manipulation of the
handgun while moving, and shooting from retention. You will be performing


  • Proper Defensive Mindset
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Marksmanship
  • Handgun Manipulation
  • Malfunction Clearance
  • Reloading Techniques
  • Four Point Draw
  • Multiple Targets
  • Low light threat/no threat scenarios
  • White Light Techniques
  • Close Quarter Techniques 


  • Handgun
  • Multiple Magazines
  • 500-600 rounds of ammunition
  • Good quality well-made Holster that fits your firearm.  (Not inside the waistband)
  • Good Quality Tactical Flashlight (LED w/Lithium batteries)


  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Competence in the operation and handling of your handgun is necessary, so a basic handgun skills class or private instruction is highly recommended before taking this class. 

**No Loaded Firearms Allowed in Classroom**

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