Urban Survivor

Urban Survivor
Instructor: Tony Nester
Times: 10:00am - 4:00pm
Location: Scottsdale Gun Club
Price: Non-Members:

Seats: 30

**Members will receive discounted rate for their class at time of processing once verification of membership is completed.


The Urban Survivor Class is designed to prepare you and your family to survive an urban disaster, either natural or manmade. Instruction focuses on both short-term situations ranging 25 to 72 hours and long-term survival from grid-down situation or pandemic.


  • Survival psychology and the mindset of successful survivors
  • Considerations for when to stay put in your home and when to bail out
  • Pre-disaster planning and establishing rendezvous points with family members
  • A 4-pronged approach to survival kits: EDC, bail-out-bags, home kit, vehicle kit, and breakdown of each
  • Water locations and purification methods
  • Urban survivor’s first-aid kit
  • Traps and tools for feeding yourself when the grocery shelves are empty
  • Communication methods & tips for getting in touch with separated family members


  • Sack Lunch
  • Water Bottle

**No Loaded Firearms Allowed in Classroom**

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