The Defensive Tactics Center is a 1300 sq. ft. classroom that can be changed into an open floor venue in minutes. The center comfortably sits groups of 60 people. With slight configurations the room can be changed to accommodate larger groups.

The DT Center has been used for everything from fundraisers to corporate meetings. The center comes equipped with all the meeting materials you would need. You will have access to a projector, PC, DVD, and dry erase board. Outside presentation materials are allowed as well as food and refreshments.

There are private bathrooms, lockers, and showers that come with the rental of the DT Center. The best part about the Defensive Tactics Center is that it is conveniently located next to shooting range fun, a common theme with all the rooms at Scottsdale Gun Club.


Our conference room is a perfect way to break the mold of standard meeting rooms. Scottsdale Gun Clubs conference room is available for rent and utilized for smaller gatherings.

The conference room has a large oval marble table with 8 comfortable leather office chairs surrounding it. It also comes equipped with a TV, PC, DVD player and HDMI/VGA video connections.

Need to meet remotely? The conference room also has a teleconferencing phone so you can reach outside of the meeting. Food and refreshments are allowed in this room as well.

Conference Room
Tactical Bay


The Tactical Bay is one of SGC’s public ranges. Like all of our other public ranges, the Tac Bay houses 8 lanes. This bay is conveniently separated from the main ranges by an automatic sliding door. This makes it great for private shooting events.

SGC allows up to 32 customers in the bay at one time. Therefore a large group isn’t out of the question. Use the Tac Bay in conjunction with any of the other rooms to allow for team building exercises after a long meeting.

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