Holster Presentation Class

Holster Presentation Class
Instructor: Jon Antrim
  • 01/13
  • 02/11
  • 03/26
  • 04/14
  • 06/08
  • 07/07
  • 08/10
  • 09/22
  • 10/26
  • 11/24
  • 12/15
Times: 5:30pm-8:00
Location: Scottsdale Gun Club
Price: Non-Members:

Seats: 16

**Members will receive discounted rate for their class at time of processing once verification of membership is completed.


This course is designed for people who would like to draw from the holster on our range.  This class is for shooters with a basic knowledge of the fundamentals of marsmaship and would like to take their skill set to the next level.  This is not a class for the novice shooter.  This course will give you the fundamental skills required to be able to draw from a holster, engage various targets, exchange magazines, and clear various malfunctions on your firearm.

This is a pass/fail class and after passing this course Members of Scottsdale Gun Club will be "Holster Qualified" and able to draw from the holster on our range. 


  • Firearm Safety Drills
  • Proper presentation of the firearm
  • Learning the concept of the four-point draw
  • Marksmanship
  • Firearm Reloading Techniques
    • Tactical Magazine Exchange
    • Empty Gun Reload
  • Malfunction Clearance Drills
    • Class 1 and 2 Malfunction clearance
    • Class 3 Malfunction clearance
  • Varied Shooting Positions



  • Semi-automatic Pistol with a minimum caliber of 9mm
  • Well-constructed good quality strong side holster made of Kydex or leather
  • Absolutely No inside the waist band holsters.
  • A minimum of three magazines
  • Support Side magazine holder
  • 150 rounds of ammunition
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Sturdy belt suitable for carrying Holster


  • Minimum age of 18
  • Better than basic understanding of your firearm
  • Moderate physical ability

**No Loaded Firearms Allowed in Classroom**

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