Superior Cleaning

A clean firearm is a reliable firearm. While anyone can run a brush through a barrel and call it cleaning, our ProClean service disassembles your firearm for thorough cleaning in our professional Ultrasonic cleaning system. All components are detail cleaned, lubricated and inspected before reassembly to ensure it is not only clean but also safe to shoot. Whether you shoot every day, once a month or once a year, our ProClean service will ensure you can depend on your firearm when you need it.


Class 3 Specialists

Our heritage is machine guns. From the Uzi to the Ma Duece, WWII to high-tech, and everything in between, we can maintain, service and enhance your Class 3 firearm with the complete peace of mind that your investment is in the best hands. Expert cleaning, basic maintenance or complete rebuilds, we routinely service HK, FN, M16, AK47, M60 and more.