A Zoom 7.62 x 39 Snap Caps

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Non-explosive dummy rounds. Ideal for training. A-Zoom Metal Snap Caps are The World&#39s Best Practice Ammo

  • EXACT SIZE: CNC machined.
  • SAFE: These practice rounds will not fire!
  • PROFESSIONAL: metal snap-caps / dummy rounds.
  • DRY FIRE: Secret “DEAD CAP” protects firing pin; outlasts brass by 30 times.
  • CYCLE: Hard anodized solid aluminum; excellent oil retention, non-corrosive; takes repeated cycling.

Snap Caps help you to learn to load quickly, even in total darkness. Teach and learn safe gun handling.

Competition shooters: get quicker at home. Snap Caps can be fumbled, dropped or jammed without fear.

Dry fire without damage. Gunsmiths do not recommended dry firing of any gun, including those advertised not to be damaged by hammering an empty chamber. Eliminate unnecessary risk. Snap Caps are tough and take repeated cycling.

Eliminate flinching. Snap Caps handle just like real ammo. Ideal for Cowboy Action practice.

Protect chambers during storage. Snap caps have excellent oil retention and are non-corrosive.

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A Zoom 7.62 x 39 Snap Caps

A Zoom 7.62 x 39 Snap Caps