DRC OPAR Trigger C B&R

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The OPAR Operator Trigger-Curved is a complete assembly pre-stage drop-in trigger built with a purpose to provide improved trigger pull weight, reset, clean feel, precision, and safety for the day-to-day users, military and law enforcement members and agencies. The form of the trigger enhances precision capabilities through its Area-of-Engagement design. This is accomplished by assisting the shooter build muscle memory for their trigger finger placement in a simple and natural way. 

It has a clean 5.0 to 5.5-pound trigger pull weight with a short trigger reset. The OPAR Operator’s patented design of pre-stage trigger mechanism has an inset secondary trigger providing an additional safety mechanism to reduce the chances of an accidental discharge. The OPAR Operator is compatible with AR-15 and HK416 rifles using the Mil-Spec 0.154-inch pins. 

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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in


DRC OPAR Trigger C B&R

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DRC OPAR Trigger  C B&R

DRC OPAR Trigger C B&R

$265.99 Please call for pricing: 480-348-1111